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How can I report a street light outage or malfunction?

Blue Ridge Electric maintains the street lights in the Town of Blowing Rock.

To report a street light outage or malfunction, contact Blue Ridge Electric at 828-264-8894. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Where is the light located?

    It is helpful to have the most detailed location information as possible. You can also count the number of lights between the malfunctioning light and an obvious landmark, such as an intersection or building. Some light locations can be described by the address of the building behind it.

  • How is the light malfunctioning?

    Is the street light completely "out"? Or does the light not operate during the periods of dusk or dawn? Does the light "cycle" between off and on?

Detailed information is especially useful because these lights may be working properly when Blue Ridge Electric crews arrive.

Blue Ridge Electric 828 264-8894

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